Thursday, May 27, 2010

Someone Kidnapped Shrek?!

Someone kidnapped Shrek?

Oh no~

Who did it?

Everyone sure get shock once you see the title above
Shrek was kidnapped by Kidnapper

I went to watch Shrek: The Final Chapter and Kidnapper
Here's some review for both movie

Shrek: The Final Chapter
Rate: 10/10

Shrek and Fiona have 3 kids
They live happily
But when time passed
Shrek become fed up of his life
the same daily routine
take care of the kids and family
Don't have time to do things that he likes
He wish thing to be the same like before he met Fiona

So, he signed the contract with Rumpelstiltskin
The bad guy in this movie
Shrek can have days like before back
In terms, Rumpelstiltskin have to take one day in Shrek's life
and he took away the day when Shrek was born

Things changed after that

No more 3 kids
No one rescue Fiona from the dragon Tower
Fiona, donkey and Puss don't know who is Shrek

Puss, the cat that good in fighting
become a big, fat, tammed cat

Another thing about Puss,
This expression appear again in this final chapter
Aww...this will always work
So cute~ =p

How Shrek gonna change thing back to normal?
How Shrek work it out just to get Fiona's kiss?
The true love kiss...

Go to cinema and watch it!
I strongly recommend you guys to watch this
It's damn funny
Though this is the final chapter
But it's the best among the whole series

A Singapore movie
Rate: 7/10

The cast

A small boy named Wei Siang was kidnapped by someone (Jack Lim)
The kidnapper asks for a big amount of money
He thinks Wei Siang is from a wealthy family
Who knows
He kidnap the wrong person
Wei Siang's father(Christopher Lee) is only a cab driver

Wei Siang's father sell out his house for cash
He even sell his kidney
just to get the amount of money to save his son
The cold blooded kidnapper will not let go Wei Siang
because of shortage of the amount of money
He tortures Wei Siang until the father gets enough money

Well, i have to say
Story line is not bad
it just lack of some action scene
Overall still ok
It shows the great love of parent towards their kid
They can do anything for their child
That's the touching part

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