Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sea Monster, do you believe it?

There's a lot of hidden, unknown creature exist among us
We heard many claims from witnesses from many places
they actually seen something unknown
or we can name this as legendary creature
But when legendary VS science
Do you believe it is true?

i would like to share about a legendary creature
Some of you might wondering
What is Plesiosaurs?

Plesiosaurs are prehistoric sea creature in Jurrasic Period
they have a long neck
【possibly around 20feet】
2 pairs of flippers
and a tail
【around 3 feet】
as shown on the pic above

Science stated that
This creature extinct million years ago
Yet, we still get claims
that they have actually seen something similar to this alive

Is this real?
Will you believe it?

Well back to year 1925,
a strange sea creature washed ashore on a beach two miles north of Santa Cruz
Though the dead body was decomposed
scientists including E.L. Wallace
a former president of the Natural History Society of British Columbia
did not think the carcass was that of a whale or shark
Wallace even suggested that the animal might be a plesiosaurus
a large marine reptile held over from the Jurassic period

Picture taken during that time

In year 1977,
A carcass was found by the japanese fishing trawler,
Zuiyo Maru

Look at the picture below
We saw a long neck and flippers
As reported by the crew,
the corpse weighted 1800kg and 10feet long!
it had one and a half meter long neck
four large, reddish fins
and a tail about two meters long

quite similar to Plesiosaurs huh?

Another place which is famous of this legendary creature
LochNess of Scottish Highland
Loch Ness Monster, a myth
Many people there claimed that they've seen the sea monster
with long neck

They captured many photos of the sea monster
many of it are hoax
yet, some are real
Will it be another Plesiosaur?

After all these,
Do you think Plesiosaurs still alive out there?
Till today,
arguments still continue...


♥小糖 Shering said...

哎哟 其实想说 你超像我堂姐的XD

jfook said...

Mmmm..Maybe it eexists..

theeggyolks said...

i always wish that they're still alive somewhere -_-"

kenwooi said...

maybe it's still hiding under the deep sea? =)

Penny said...

Sharks,sea turtles and alligators/crocodiles still exist. Why not these guys?

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