Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I want to watch TOY STORY 3 !!

Finally, after a long wait
Toy Story 3 is back!

i'm a huge fans towards cartoon
and Toy Story definitely is one of my favourite movie!

and special thanks to Nuffnang,
50 of nuffnangers with partners are given the chance
to watch toy story 3

so excited when get to know this good news

Here's a little of the synopsis
Andy finally grown up
from a small little kid to a teenager
who is ready for his college
Here comes another challenge
for Woody, Buzz and the gang
Want to know more about this?
Go and watch it in cinema when it release

In Toy Story,
Woody and Buzz
catched my attention
Both of them are so cute
I think they are most people's favourite character
Main character in Toy Story series

But now?
What's the new attraction of Toy Story 3?

"Ladies and gentlemen"
Here we welcome the new characters!

But but but but~
Peas-in-a-pod is my favourite new toy

You must be wonder why

Let me tell you then ^^
Don't you think peas-in-a-pod is cute?
i love the cute expression of each of the peas
I wonder how they walk in Toy Story 3
Will it be 3 of them pop out from the pod?
like this?

I'm looking forward for peas-in-a-pod

Hey peeps,
remember to watch it in cinema
Don't buy DVD from pasar malam


♥ BaBe Gucci said...

I ♥ toy story too =)

ohmywtf said...

waiting for KEN!! :-p

haha said...

if u like the movie
plz buy original
but not buy at pasar malam

ovei bardhan said...

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